Damon clear braces are a clinically proven treatment method that straightens your teeth as well as enhances your facial aesthetics usually without having to extract teeth.

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Patient wearing Damon Clear Braces orthodontic appliance
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Using the Damon system braces will mean fewer visits to the clinic and a shortened treatment time. Damon braces use a slide mechanism that reduces pressure on your teeth and lets them move comfortably to their correct positions. This unique system eliminates the need for traditional elastic and metal ties, which means dental hygiene is easier to maintain during the treatment as they don’t attract or collect plaque.

The braces are almost transparent and can adapt to the tooth’s natural colour to further disguise them. The brackets we use are low profile and do not stain, which give you a comfortable and efficient treatment system. These braces are used mainly with upper teeth and regular metal Damon braces are used on the lower teeth depending on the patient’s needs.

Braces are definitely worth the investment, but everyone’s orthodontic needs are different. That is why we always carry out a thorough initial consultation to discuss your needs and advise on all the possible options available to gain the desired results.


Do you want straighter teeth without having to wear unsightly metal braces?

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