IV Nutrition Therapy

at Chelsea Dental Spa, London

from just £150 per session

Intravenous (IV) therapy

for patients looking to correct nutritional deficiencies, increase antioxidant levels and support the immune system.

At Chelsea dental spa, our trained professionals offer Intravenous (IV) therapy for their patients looking to correct nutritional deficiencies, increase their antioxidants levels, and support their immune system.

Whereas vitamins and supplements are ordinarily taken by mouth, IV therapy works by delivering revitalising fluid straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and delivering 100% of the active nutrients into your body.

Benefits of IV nutrition therapy include:

  • Faster absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body
  • The energising and healing effects are quick and noticeable 
  • Replaces the need for daily vitamin pills
  • Are customisable to your body’s needs 
  • Delivers replenishing amino acids and minerals as well as combating dehydration 
  • IV therapy is very safe and even eliminates the risk of side effects from ingestible vitamin tablets 
  • Great for athletes looking to improve recovery times; for people suffering with migraines, and even those in need of the perfect hangover cure!

Find the perfect treatment for you.

Whether you need to re-energise or think you could benefit from an overall wellness boost, we offer various blends of enriched IV fluid containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with anti-ageing, restorative and detoxifying properties. We can even tailor your therapy to suit your bodies needs with a combination blend of fortifying and invigorating supplements.

CALM (Myers Cocktail)

The perfect remedy for anxiety, this relaxation drip is infused with magnesium and B vitamins known to relax the body and lower blood pressure.


Immunity Boosting Drip

Build your immune system through the cold and flu season with our health-fortifying immunity drip. Reduce tiredness, fatigue and oxidative stress with this healing cocktail.


Chelaton Therapy

A treatment designed to remove heavy metal toxins from the bloodstream and the body.


B12 Shots

For those with a B12 deficiency, this vitamin cocktails will get your body back on track!


Anti-ageing IV

Boost hair and skin collagen and elasticity with our anti-ageing formula – feel like a more youthful version of your best self.


Diet and Detox Drip

Our diet and detox drip is designed to lift energy levels, decrease toxic loads and help you maintain your waist line!


Glutathione IV

A whole-body wellness IV enriched with antioxidant to improve immunity, energy levels, ageing as well as hair and skin nourishment.