Root Canal Treatment

Painless and comfortable root canals for infected teeth

Root canal treatment at Chelsea Dental Spa, London

Endodontics is the study of the dental pulp and supporting tissues and any disease or injury to it usually requires specific treatment in order to save the tooth.

In root canal treatment the teeth are treated by isolating them under a protective barrier (rubber dam) and enhanced optics and magnification are employed. The procedure normally takes 1-2 visits with each lasting about an hour.

The best option for most patients is to retain their natural teeth rather than have a replacement, and the long-term success of root canal treatment can equal or surpass implants in some cases. It is also often more desirable to save the tooth than have it removed and replaced with a dental implant.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

We make every effort to provide a welcoming and calm environment in which to treat you and we will always talk to you about the best treatment options for a long-term solution. With adequate anaesthesia root canal treatment is usually painless.

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