There’s nothing more soothing than to see a toddler and a senior smile. The smile of seniors can be made a permanent fixture with dental implants since these implants help them to eat better, speak better, smile better and have a high level of self confidence.

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Dental implants have been found to be any day better than dentures. Where dentures would need too much of care and handling on the part of the person who has them in his or her mouth dental implants need just normal care which naturally occurring teeth would need provided you get them from a reputed expert dentist who knows and has mastered the art of dental implants in his practice.

The need for dental implants for seniors

Seniors face a lot of problems since the health of teeth deteriorates with age. The deterioration may be severe in many cases due to the changing health condition and the dwindling amount of calcium in the body. Tooth discolouration, dry mouth, gum diseases, root decay, loss of tasting ability along with a host of other problems along with tooth loss are found among people of all ages but are more prevalent among people who have just entered the senior club or the retirement age. Tooth loss due to age, injury, tooth decay or oral cavity problems can be rectified via dental implants. The need for dental implants is more profound among seniors since they are more prone to lose their appetite in case they lose their teeth or are not able to chew it properly. At an advanced age people are plagued by a series of health problems that may be aggravated because of the loss of teeth thus dental implants don’t become a luxury they are a necessity.

Making dental implants work in the best way to suit your needs

An implant generally consists if a titanium fixture that is made out in the shape of a screw. This screw shaped fixture is placed surgically into the jaws as a substitute for the missing teeth. These screw shaped fixtures form the base for crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures that need to be placed between two teeth for better chewing and a better shape of the mouth. The best thing about these implants is that they heal and bond directly to the jaw bone which prevents further loss of the jaw bone. Thus dental implants not only help in substituting the missing teeth they also help in further degeneration of the bones which is a common feature among seniors due to loss of calcium and age. The number of dental implants you need to get for your oral cavity will be determined by your dentist after having a close look at the damage that has been created to the jaw bone and the number of bridges, crowns and dentures it needs to support.

The benefits of dental implants for seniors

Dental implants have proven to be any day better than dentures since they stable and preserve further loss of bones in the jaw area. Generally for a person above the age of 45 dental implants are for life. If someone at a younger age needs dental implants the need to replace them may arise after 10-15 years depending upon the way one has maintained their oral health. Dental implants provide the feeling of a natural tooth once placed inside your oral cavity. Dental implants do not get cavities however you need to stick to the schedule that has been fixed by your dentist to clean and maintain them from time to time.

Is tooth loss leaving a gap in your life?

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